What our Customers say...


When we had a strong wind storm, and wind gusts, we had branches fall onto our home. There was damage and water was able to get in and affect our living room. SERVPRO of Moorhead was able to come out quickly and restore and fix our home. 

When someone tagged our office building and tossed our dumpsters we were not sure what to do. We were able to clean up the trash ourselves, but there was a larger mess to be dealt with. SERVPRO of Moorhead was able to come out quickly and get to work removing the graffiti and cleaning the area. 

Our neighbors had a fire occur and our home was filled with smoke. SERVPRO of Moorhead was able to clean all our contents and the structure to get rid of the smoke smell and soot. 

When our toilet overflowed, we were not sure what to do. But a friend suggested SERVPRO of Moorhead and they were fantastic! 

After a strong storm, our office needed some work to restore it. SERVPRO of Moorhead were able to do the work quickly and efficiently. 

After a heavy storm, our home had some wind and rain damage and lucky for us, SERVPRO of Moorhead was able to restore our home. 

Worked with SERVPRO of Moorhead after our warehouse suffered a water damage. They are the only team I would trust moving forward. 

SERVPRO of Moorhead helped clean and restore our home and contents. 

My apartment had a pipe break above it, causing damage to the building and my contents. SERVPRO of Moorhead was able to clean and dry my contents as they were before the water damage. 

After an accident in our office, our carpets needed to be cleaned and the area deodorized, SERVPRO of Moorhead was great to work with. 

Our office needed to be cleaned, SERVPRO of Moorhead was able to clean our office and provide us with peace of mind. 

After some heavy winds from a storm, there was some damage to our property. SERVPRO of Moorehead was able to come out and make everything right again. 

Our home suffered water damage after our ice maker line broke, we did not know there was damage until the hardwoods began to buckle. We are lucky SERVPRO of Moorhead was recommended to us, they did a fantastic job. 

After our office had smoke damage from an old space heater we could not get rid of the smell, SERVPRO of Moorhead was able to help remove the smell and leave the space clean. 

SERVPRO of Moorhead is a family-owned business that is focused on helping families and businesses during a devastating fire or flood. If you have cleaning or restoration needs, give them a call.