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When Mold and Microbial Growth Strike Your Moorhead Property

Mold and microbial growth can form anywhere where moisture is. So areas around sinks and dishwashers in kitchens are a prime spot. Not only is there moisture bu... READ MORE

When disaster strikes, SERVPRO of Moorhead is Here To Help.

We here at SERVPRO of Moorhead know that disaster can strike suddenly and form unknown sources. It can be confusing and often frustrating to know what to do or ... READ MORE

Water Damage From Toilet Overflow in Moorhead

Water damages can happen in homes for many different reasons: broken pipes, appliance failures, floods, and toilet overflows. That is what caused a lot of damag... READ MORE

Storm Damage in Moorhead

Storm damage can come in many different forms; wind gusts that rip roofs off homes, storm swells that flood the first floor of buildings, wildfires, or tornadoe... READ MORE

When Fire Strikes Moorhead Area Home

Fire is probably the worst thing we all worry about happening to our homes. It's terrifying to think about happening to you, in your home. But home fires occur ... READ MORE

Commercial Flooding in Moorhead

We know that water damage can happen anywhere at any time. Recently SERVPRO of Moorhead received a call from a company in the area who had suffered water damage... READ MORE