Recent Water Damage Before & After Photos

Fire Damage Causes Water Damage in Moorhead

Though fires can feel rare in the Moorhead area they do occasionally happen. When you have a fire, you will also have firefighting efforts that cause water dama... READ MORE

Water Damage in Commercial Moorhead Building

Property damage can happen due to many reasons, such as a pipe break, appliance failure, or even a pinhole leak in a pipe that goes unnoticed. Or an electrical ... READ MORE

Kitchen Suffers Water Damage in Moorhead

Water damages can strike any area of a home but often occur most in either a kitchen or bathroom due to the plumbing in those areas. SERVPRO of Moorhead receive... READ MORE

Water Damage in Moorhead Area Office

When pipes break, and water gushes out, the amount of water that rushes out and causes damage is great and can happen quickly. Our crews were able to respond qu... READ MORE

Water Damage in Moorhead Area Kitchen

Water damages can strike in any part of the home but are often in the bathroom or kitchens due to the increase of plumbing in those areas. Recently a Moorhead a... READ MORE

Water Damage From Toilet Overflow in Moorhead

Water damages can happen in homes for many different reasons: broken pipes, appliance failures, floods, and toilet overflows. That is what caused a lot of damag... READ MORE