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Water Damage In Moorhead

When water damage happens in a ceiling or from an upper floor, the water can begin to pool and get absorbed into sheetrock. When the sheetrock gets wet, it acts... READ MORE

Why Use SERVPRO of Moorhead?

SERVPRO of Moorhead is Here To Help no matter the cause of damage. If your home or office suffers from water damage, fire damage, sewage, biohazard, mold damage... READ MORE

Kitchen Suffers Water Damage in Moorhead

Water damages can strike any area of a home but often occur most in either a kitchen or bathroom due to the plumbing in those areas. SERVPRO of Moorhead receive... READ MORE

Water Damage in Moorhead Area Office

When pipes break, and water gushes out, the amount of water that rushes out and causes damage is great and can happen quickly. Our crews were able to respond qu... READ MORE

Water Damage in Moorhead Area Kitchen

Water damages can strike in any part of the home but are often in the bathroom or kitchens due to the increase of plumbing in those areas. Recently a Moorhead a... READ MORE

Storm Damage in Condos and Apartments

Storm damage and property damage can strike offices, warehouses, homes, condos, and apartments alike. No matter what property suffers from property damage, SERV... READ MORE

Storm Damage You Don't See in Moorhead

Storm damage can happen anywhere and at any time. Storm damage does not always mean treed on roofs or roofs ripped off homes. It can also mean broken pipes from... READ MORE

12-18 Inches Storm Serge

Storm damage can rage and cause a large storm swell or heavy rains that flood and cause storm damage. SERVPRO of Moorhead received a call from a homeowner whose... READ MORE

Residential Fire in Moorhead

Fire damage to a home can be all different levels of severity. A home can be completely gone, leaving only the foundation. Or the roof could have collapsed in l... READ MORE

Fire Damage in Moorhead Area Home

Fire damage is not something to take lightly; it can strike in any property for various reasons. Not only can fire destroy property and contents, but it also po... READ MORE