If you have a fire or water emergency, please call us now at (218) 236-7447

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Fire & Water - Cleanup & Restoration

SERVPRO of Moorhead Won’t Allow Water Damage to Siphon Away Your Dreams

Water damage can have one source but cause damage in multiple rooms.  If you need help with water-damage remediation and mold mitigation, at SERVPRO® of Moorhead, we can help you.

SERVPRO of Moorhead: We Change Boats Back into Houses

Sometimes, water damage starts as a small leak hidden behind a wall. Sometimes, a pipe burst, seemingly out of nowhere. Always, water damage ends as a mess.

When water damage hits a Moorhead home, it’s an emergency. Call us at 218-236-7447 and don’t worry about whether it’s a weekend or a holiday, or whether it’s early or late. At SERVPRO of Moorhead, our emergency services are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year.

Water damage is like a large-breed puppy.

It starts small (although it probably does not start cute), and then it keeps getting bigger. It gets bigger rapidly, and then it gets even bigger.

Left unattended, water damage hosts microbial growth, frequently mold, which like a large-breed puppy, eats voraciously, but it grows much faster, and it never stops growing.

Call SERVPRO of Moorhead and We’ll Stop the Water Damage

If you call us soon enough, we may be able to prevent the mold from starting.

Because water and water damage spreads so rapidly, call as soon as you notice the problem. We will do what we can to prevent additional damage.

When we arrive, our team will:

  • Assess the current damage
  • Provide a report
  • Extract the water, including that trapped as humidity
  • Use advanced structural drying techniques
  • Clean and remediate upholstery, carpet, other textiles
  • Clean, repair hardwood, tile, other flooring and furniture
  • Perhaps remove belongings
  • Clean and disinfect entire home (including air ducts and other non-visible surfaces)
  • Clean and disinfect all belongings
  • Remediate any water damage
  • Mitigate visible mold damage
  • Help restore home and belongings to preloss conditions
  • Remove odors

We can talk to you about additional steps and details, or you can look at our website.

Scientists Agree: Water is Weird

Yes, it’s trivia time!

  • Most liquids are denser when frozen than when liquid; water is denser when liquid than frozen (which is why ice floats)
  • Water, unlike other liquids, has surface tension, allowing insects to walk on it
  • Imagine coming out of a steamy shower and enjoying a glass of ice-water; you have just experienced water in three states (liquid, water, steam) at one time. Most elements can’t exist in more than one state in one environment
  • Water is called the “universal solvent” because it can break apart more substances than any other solvent (although not necessarily quickly), making it ideal for digestion and elimination

SERVPRO of Moorhead

Whether water is weird or wonderful, we help you get rid of water damage.