Storm Damage Photo Gallery

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Emergency Kit for Evacuation for the Deaf, Blind, and Service Animals in Moorhead

Storm Damage & Evacuation in Moorhead

Low vision or hearing loss may make a power outage more difficult in Moorhead. Evacuation may also be more difficult.

SERVPRO of Moorhead has these tips:

Have an evacuation emergency kit ready.  You can also use it at home.

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Prepare for a Winter Storm Moorhead

Winter Storms in Moorhead can bring high winds, snow, and ice. A winter storm can knock out power, water, and communication. 

SERVPRO of Moorhead wants you to be prepared. Winter storms can last anywhere from a few hours to several days. You can’t prevent a winter storm, but you can minimize storm damage.

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Be prepared for power outages from storms in Moorhead

Managing Without Power in Moorhead 

SERVPRO of Moorhead has seen storm damage lead to power outages.   

A power outage can:

  • Disrupt communication
  • Make transportation difficult
  • Shut down water pipes
  • Close businesses, grocery stores, gas stations, banks, ATMS, other services
  • Lead to food spoilage
  • Lead to contaminated water
  • Disable medical devices

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Thunderstorm preparedness in Moorhead

SERVPRO of Moorhead knows you cannot prevent a thunderstorm, but you can prepare:

  • Sign up for your community’s warning system 
  • Cut down or trim trees that may fall on your home or office
  • Install surge protectors, lightning rods, or a lightning protection system